Tanzania is Africa finest destinations, the statistics speaks for themselves; An unparalleled one quarter of its surface area has been set aside for conservation purposes with the world renowned Serengeti National park and incomprehensibly vast selous game reserve heading a rich mosaic of protected areas that collectively harbor an estimated 20 percent of Africa large mammal population.

Tanzania is a land of Mount Kilimanjaro – Africa highest mountain 5895 metres and magical spice island of Zanzibar the highlight of a vast Indian Ocean coastline studded with reefs swirling with brightly colorful fish and three largest lakes – Lake Tanganyika, Victoria and Nyasa (Malawi)

Natural highlights abound such as Ngorongoro Crater the largest caldera in the world 264 sq km in size and 610 meters deep, Olduvai Gorge the best birth place of man, the 20 million year old ago Great Rift Valley and the vast game filled Serengeti plains. More than 25 percent of Tanzania is dedicated as conservation areas, protecting over 20 percent of Africa large mammals and 35 percent of antelope, including 1.5 million wildebeest.

Annual great Serengeti migrations of millions of herbivores is a once in a lifetime experience.It’s possible to see the big 10 animals in Tanzania buffalo, lion, elephant, rhino, cheetah, wild dog, leopard, hippo, zebra, giraffe and chimpanzees on the shores of lakes Tanganyika.

Tanzania has over 1500 bird species with Lake Manyara National park alone being home to more than 400. It is a year round birding destination, but at the height of the winter months some 160 species of migrants add to the variety.The people of Tanzania are courteous, sincere, friendly, honestly sociable, respectfully and hospitable, making tourist feels extremely welcome!!


Tanzania is land of superb landscapes and spectacular wildlife, other attractions stands equally tall- the people. Tanzania’s people are the welcome and approachable on earth with a range of fascinating cultures ready to be shared with visitors, from Wachagga of the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro to the now world famous Maasai culture around Engaruka -the lost city in the shadow of the great rift wall. This cannot end here, enjoy the last hunter-gathers in Africa, the Hadzabe Bushmen have made the area around Lake Eyasi their long time hunting grounds.

Day trips or longer safaris with the Hadzabe Bushmen give visitors a chance to experience way of life. Morning hunts with the hadzabe warriors armed with bows and arrows, arrows offer a fascinating glimpse into a ancient way of life. Honey-gathering walk to find traditional healing plants and food and traditional dances are all part of the Hadzabe cultural tourism experience.


A valid passport is required. Visas’ can be obtained on arrival at all points of entry and at the Embassy’s prior arrival. Required for all visitors who are not on the list of exempted countries. Citizens of some specified countries of Europe and North America may get visas at their port of entry in Tanzania – one of the International Airports, or the border ports. Visas are obtainable from any Tanzania Embassy or High Commission. For more recent/up to date visa requirements, contact your nearest Tanzanian Embassy /High Commission. You may also check with the UK based Tanzanian High Commission web site.


It is strongly recommended that you take out fully comprehensive insurance including death, medical expenses, injury, delays, loss and damage of property. Professional Tours & Safaris will NOT held responsible for any such claims.

NB: Tickets of medical evacuation (Flying doctor society) insurance are available on request.


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