Tanzania is an amazing birding destination. Out of 1134 species of birds, currently recorded in country, a visiting birder on a 3 week birding trip can expect to see as many as 700 species of birds. But it is not only the number of species which sets Tanzania apart. Tanzania protects some of the world’s largest and most pristine wilderness areas and wildlife reserves and the quality of wildlife watching and birding in the wilderness areas of Tanzania are unsurpassed. Globally endangered species are still common and up to 39 endemic species (depending on the systematic definition one follows) occur in the country and most can be seen by any birder in a comfortable safari.

Above 30% of the country’s area of about 975,000 Sq. Km has been conserved. A staggering land mass and a sign of real commitment for conservation. Tanzania straddles the border between the Southern African Miombo belt, the East African savannahs and the central African lowland forests which makes for a great diversity of species which can be viewed in relative ease in Tanzania . Tanzania is also recognized as one of the world’s four mega hot spots. Such bio-diversity hot spots for endemism feature high uniqueness of birds, reptiles, anurans, mammals and plants. We run birding safaris to all those destinations; Including the world renowned Eastern Arc Mountains, the east African coastal forests, the Kilombero river valley, the Serengeti eco-system, the southern highlands, Pemba Islands and Mahale mountains.

We operate birding tours in all parts of Tanzania and will be happy to design for you a tour that suits all of you budget and birding needs. A unique perspective on Tanzanian wildlife and landscape. For the country with both the biggest and the deepest lake in Africa, Tanzania visitors have relatively little opportunity for canoeing safaris. The only areas where game viewing can be done from a canoe are in Arusha National Park and in Lake Manyara National Park (water level permitted). This is all canoeing on lakes, not rivers and the safaris are no longer than 3-hours.

We started our canoeing operations in Lake Manyara National Park after El Nino flooded most of the park and a canoe was a very sensible means of game viewing. This was the first adventure activity to be allowed in any Tanzanian National Park and we are still the only outfitter allowed to operate this activity for the parks. Sadly Lake Manyara dried up but now we offer canoe safaris inside Arusha National Park Momella Lake (Arusha National Park)
Enjoy a peaceful and scenic canoeing safari following the shorelines of small Momella Lake. View buffaloes, bushbuck, giraffes, hippos and many water birds living in and close to the water.

Where do we meet: Small Lake Momella (Inside Arusha National Park)
Starting point: Small Lake Momella
Finishing Point: Small Lake Momella
Starting Time: anytime between 07.30 and 16:00
Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours
Strenuousness: low
Equipment used: canoe boats
Price: $65 per person
Apart from the above price you need to pay TANAPA canoeing fees $20 per person and park fees of $45 per person at the gate of the park.

Lake Duluti (Arusha)
Glide across the smooth surface of this small Crater Lake and view birdlife seldom seen; Giant kingfisher, Fish eagle, Darters and many more. Surrounded by forested crater walls this is a very special and quiet canoeing experience. View hundreds of cattle egrets returning to an island in the lake to roost for the night.
Starting point: Mountain Village Lodge (Tengeru)
Starting time: anytime between 07.30 and 16:00
Finishing Point: Mountain Village Lodge
Duration: 1.5 hours
Strenuousness: low
Equipment used: canoe boats