The Ngorongoro is among the national parks is the world’s largest crater. Ngorongoro crater is also a renowned world heritage site and a natural wonder that earned the title of the Eighth Wonder of the World. Ngorongoro crater is 2,286 meters above sea level, surrounded by steep walls rising 610 meters from the crater floor sprawls over 250 square kilometers. The crater is home to thousands of animals. The Ngorongoro crater has some of the world-famous attractions that include Olduvai and Laetoli Gorges. These are archeological and paleontological sites famous for the discovery made by Dr. Louis Leakey of the remains of Homohabilis or “handyman” and trails of footprints left by the three hominids 3.8 million years ago. Other discoveries include those of prehistoric elephants, giant horned sheep, and enormous ostriches.


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Tourism is travel for pleasure or business; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours. Tourism may be international, or within the traveller’s country. The World Tourism Organization defines tourism more generally, in terms which go “beyond the common perception of tourism as being limited to holiday activity only”, as people “traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes”.

Tourism can be domestic or international, and international tourism has both incoming and outgoing implications on a country’s balance of payments. Today, tourism is a major source of income for many countries, and affects the economy of both the source and host countries, in some cases being of vital importance.

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