Our Company, Professional safari, understands the needs of our society and part of our social corporate responsibility is to ensure that every child in our community goes to school. We do this by dedicating a percentage of our profits that comes from every tour to this very cause.

Problems faced by students while in school.

Although primary education is now free in Tanzania. It has been witnessed that students are challenged by different problems which hinder them from attending classes. Most of the problems are related to lack of scholastic materials. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide these scholastic materials for their children however most parents are reluctant to fulfill their obligations-some of the parents are weighed down by lack of funds and they find themselves unable to buy scholastic materials for their children.

School Support

Our company decided to act to solve the problem of lack of scholastic materials around our community. We have a number of schools which we are working with to ensure that no student lacks any scholastic material. We are always in direct contact with the teachers in those schools who always let us know about the needed scholastic materials at a given period in time. Depending on our financial status, we act by buying the materials and distributing them to school. And because of our contributions, we have seen several students completing their primary education system.

Although our focus has been on primary schools, we noticed that secondary schools needed help as well. And we started rolling out help in some of the schools.

It has not been a smooth journey-there has been times where we were called to respond but we had no way of offering help because we had no funds since we had very few tourists using our company.

How can you be part of our initiative?

You can be part of our initiative by booking a tour with us and also referring some of your friends to our company. If you book a Tanzanian tour with our company, it means part of the profits from your tour shall go towards buying scholastic materials. If there is a way you can buy scholastic materials from your home country, it is sometimes better to come along with such items during your tour. Once you do, we shall incorporate visiting schools for scholastic material distribution as part of your activities.

Best School Support

Professional safari would be glad to arrange such, and combine your visit to the school into your adventure and impacting someone’s education!

We appreciate your support and invite you to contact us at info@professionalsafariafrica.com with any questions.